My dear friend Sara asked for some poetry recs.

Here’s what I got (for now)! —

  • Rita Dove, Collected Poems. Elegant, fiercely intelligent poems from a Pulitzer-Prize winner about beauty, language, and American life in all its twisted intricacies.
  • Ada Limón, Bright Dead Things. Compassionate, funny, sexy, astounding poems about sexuality, family bonds, human frailties and connections across words divided by geography or human self-centeredness.
  • José Olivarez, Citizen Illegal. Hyper contemporary poems on being first-gen, crossing (or not) languages and in-groups, the immense loves and epic failures of daily life.
  • Adrienne Rich, Diving into the Wreck. Landmark collection on coming into one’s creative power, realizing the parameters of love and self-determination.
  • Joy Harjo, Conflict Resolution for Holy Beings & She Had Some Horses. Powerful, clear-sighted poems on empowering one’s life and communities within and against the on-going effects of colonialism.

More greats


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