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Diving Makes The Water Deep

Diving Makes The Water Deep

“The man has the nerve to not be the sun.”

“I do not want a theory of life but more life.”

“Literature’s largest stage is the pupal.”

These are few random quotes from Zach Savich‘s “Diving Makes the Water Deep,” a mesmerizing book about his cancer recovery, his relationship with his father, literature, life, love — all that jazz. Each paragraph is exquisite. Here are some thoughts about the piece I wrote for some other entity:

Great, necessary questions mixed with warm irreverence. The narrative never flags. Backstory elegantly revealed. The intense engagement with literature complements the story. Concatenation between fathers-sons is powerful. “The sadness of emblematic bananas” 🙂 some very clever lines throughout. Wonderful mix of erudition, humor, humility, and generosity.  A graceful incision through bullshit. Remarkable insight into literature and the culture surrounding it.


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