Using Instagram for B2B Marketing

The incentives for B2B marketers moving to Instagram are growing each day. There are over 500 million users on Instagram, and organic engagement is fives times as much as Facebook.

It’s a great way to establish a rapport with a younger audience that are tomorrow’s decision makers (if they aren’t already). Nearly 50% of B2B researchers are millennials90% of Instagram users are below the age of 35. This means that 45% of B2B researchers are likely to have some connection with Instagram. Targeting this overlooked segment can be a powerful way to drive ROI.

While Instagram is a great way to reach B2B researchers, it’s also a useful tool in driving brand awareness and brand affinity. Brands are in a powerful position to deploy a lot of educational knowledge that may appeal to Instagram users. In fact, of the 1,000 most shared videos on Instagram, 40% come from brands. With creativity and aplomb, Instagram is a considerable resource for B2B firms.

Here’s what else Instagram can do for your B2B business:

Instagram gives your employees:
  • Employee engagement. IBM asked employees from around the world to post photos on Instagram from their desk. The results in #viewfrommydesk went viral
  • Cross-channel promotion. As Kate Keating, Social Content & Engagement Strategist at IBM said: “We find that Instagram photos also drive engagement across our other channels, so we cross-post. Visuals in general are absolutely critical to driving engagement on our social accounts. I think audiences now expect that visuals should and will be part of the experience”
  • A source of original photos for your staff to reuse with an authentic touch
  • A visual platform to tell your company’s story. Along with images, employees can use quotes, stats, and charts to share their passions and what they’re currently working on
Instagram gives your prospects
    • Brand awareness. Forbes uses Instagram to show their customers what they’re all about. Quotes hint at the insight their magazine contains. They also showcase images of mansions, awesome vacations, and wildly successful individuals to resonant with their audience’s aspirations. Along with hashtags, you can repost images relative to your industry on Instagram through the app Repost. This is a great way to showcase your company’s passion while connecting with people in a similar field
    • Brand affinity. Instagram offers a very personable way for perspectives to understand your company culture. If your company has a funny or innovative side, Instagram is your chance to show instead of tell

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