Selected Essays & Articles

“Lord Knows,” Chicken Soup for the Soul

“Signs of the Times: Moose, Alaska, Roadkill,” The Anchorage Press

“Hearing Muted Music: on Robert Rauschenberg & Jasper Johns,” Epiphany Literary Magazine

“Performative Drawing & The Persistence of Morgan O’Hara,” Red Hook Star-Revue

“All that Beauty,” Opossum Literary

“Escort Surgery,” Best Gay Stories 2017

“The Bradbury: Reading (and Writing) Whatever,” Brevity

“On Continually Learning from Audre Lorde,” Transformative Learning in the Humanities

“The American Isherwood,” The Paris Review Daily

“Dance Etcetera,” The Red Hook Star-Revue

“Edgar Gomez’s Intricate and Emotive Memoir, High-Risk Homosexual,” Lambda Literary

“Lydia Millet’s Fight No More,” The Red Hook Star-Revue

“Drink Sustainably: Heineken’s Fight to Remain a Global Sustainability Leader,” HuffPost

“America: John Hirst Will Be Your Mirror,” The Anchorage Press

“How Docker and containers improved software development at eZ,”

Selected Poetry & Fiction

“I Went to Dartmouth,” Newtown Literary

“The Hat You Save May Be Your Own,” Cirque Literary

“Etta James,” An Anthology of Emerging Poets

“How Do You Say a Word?” Understory

“Writing,” Understory

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