Book Reviews

Essential Essays by Adrienne Rich,” The Red Hook Star-Revue

“Edgar Gomez’s Intricate and Emotive Memoir, High-Risk Homosexual,” Lambda Literary

This Town Sleeps is an Emotional Wrought Tale of Community and Redemption” Lambda Literary

The Man Who Saw Everything by Deborah Levy,” Lambda Literary

“Lydia Millet’s Fight No More,” The Red Hook Star-Revue

“The American Isherwood,” The Paris Review Daily

Business Writing

“Drink Sustainably: Heineken’s Fight to Remain a Global Sustainability Leader,” HuffPost

“How Docker and containers improved software development at eZ,”

“The Arts Mean Business,” Anchorage Press

“Inheritance-Rich Millennials Are Primed to Become Impact Investing’s Most Ardent Supporters,” Pro Journo

“Pourquoi Instagram est un bon réseau social pour le marketing B2B” Frenchweb

Culture Writing

“Signs of the Times: Moose, Alaska, Roadkill,” The Anchorage Press

“Anything Goes at Mama D’s,” Bushwick Daily

“Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival,” Quip Magazine

“The Hidden Histories of the Mary A. Whalen,” The Red Hook Star-Revue

“‘Queen America’ and Facebook Watch,” The Red Hook Star-Revue

“Retro Library Open to Red Hook Residents,” The Red Hook Star-Revue

“HBO’s “The Price of Everything” will make you cherish art more than ever,” The Red Hook Star-Revue

Interviews & Profiles

“Renowned Theater Company Moves to Sunset Park [interview with David Herskovits, Moe Yoshuf, Lu Liu]”, The Red Hook Star-Revue

“Forgotten Visionaries [interview with composer Victoria Bond],” The Anchorage Press

“Story Time with The Zolas,” Quip Magazine

“The Crystal Fighters,” Quip Magazine

“Reading into Junip: interview with José González,” Quip Magazine

“Interview with Departing UA Chancellor Fran Ulmer,” The Northern Light

“The Wild Florist of Anchorage [Dallas Wildeve],” The Anchorage Press

“Jeff Dunham: Playing with Dolls,” The Anchorage Press

“Photographer James Venuti at BWAC,” The Red Hook Star-Revue

Personal Essays

“A Boy’s State,” Pine Hills Review

“Lord Knows,” Chicken Soup for the Soul

“All that Beauty,” Opossum Literary

“Escort Surgery,” Best Gay Stories 2017

“On Continually Learning from Audre Lorde,” Transformative Learning in the Humanities

Theater & Opera Reviews

“An inter(e)view with Miss Witherspoon [Christopher Durang’s “Miss Witherspoon],” The Anchorage Press

“Comic Carnage [Yasmina Reza, God of Carnage], The Anchorage Press

“To Die For [review of the opera ‘Die Fledermaus’],” The Anchorage Press

“TFANA’s lucid take on The Tragedy of Julius Caesar,” The Red Hook Star-Revue

“‘A View from the Bridge’ at The Waterfront Museum,” The Red Hook Star-Revue

Writing about Visual Art

“Hearing Muted Music: on Robert Rauschenberg & Jasper Johns,” Epiphany Literary Magazine

“Performative Drawing & The Persistence of Morgan O’Hara,” Red Hook Star-Revue

“Dance Etcetera,” The Red Hook Star-Revue

“White Man on a Pedestal [Doreen Garner and Kenya [Robinson] take on the legacy of Marion J. Sims], The Red Hook Star-Revue

“Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition their annual recycling show and juried exhibitions,” The Red Hook Star-Revue

“Lost in the Meadow [Mimi Lien, Lisa D’Amour, Katie Pearl], Chance Magazine

“A Lasting Impress [Adam Ottavi’s Ambrotypes,” The Anchorage Press

“America: John Hirst Will Be Your Mirror,” The Anchorage Press

“[Anchorage Museum Exhibition] Looking for True North,” The Anchorage Press

“Facing What Ails Us [Drew Michael & Elizabeth Ellis],” The Anchorage Press

“Revenge of the Critters [Carl Battreall],” The Anchorage Press

Poetry & Fiction

“I Went to Dartmouth,” Newtown Literary

“The Hat You Save May Be Your Own,” Cirque Literary

“Etta James,” An Anthology of Emerging Poets

“How Do You Say a Word?” Understory

“Writing,” Understory

Writing Life & Craft

“The Bradbury: Reading (and Writing) Whatever,” Brevity

“Disappointing Cuts [to UAA’s Creative Writing MFA],” Anchorage Daily News

“New York’s Most Popular Writing Method You’ve Never Heard Of,” The Red Hook Star-Revue 

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