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writing & inflation

Working on a novel and I wanted to indicate that a Manhattan restaurant had a price point of medium-high boogie. I settled on $49.68 as the cost of their average entrée. But a paragraph later, I realized that inflation could soon make […]

Black-owned bookstores to support on Juneteenth (and all the time!)

About 6% of bookstores are Black-owned, a relic of racism that’s yet to be vanquished given that the latest Census suggested 12.4% of Americans are African-American. This isn’t coincidental. Education is power, and for much of U.S. history, White supremacy has fought […]

what’s in a name

You may notice messages from a Matthew Frye Castillo. That’s me. I’ve been thinking a lot about my family history and the nature of White supremacy for several years. There are many personal and political reasons to change my last name, but […]

Reimagining Public Safety

Uvalde has made it horrifically clear that policing in its current form just isn’t working. “Police are violence workers,” sociologist Alex Vitale says in a powerful episode of Code Switch. “That’s what distinguishes them from other kinds of government interventions. Once we […]


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