Most useful advice on pitching I’ve heard in a long time—

Along with Shonda Rhimes‘ advice to pitch more about the audience reaction rather than the plot and Carmine Gallo‘s concept of “The Message Map,” this passing comment from Inside Out screenwriter Meg LeFauve was so on-point. Way to re-cast a habitually dreary obligation into a potential for fun and discovery. You can listen to the full episode of The Screenwriting Life with Meg LeFauve and Lorien McKenna here.

Your intention could be to enjoy your own story while you’re telling it. Your intention could be to show them how much you love this. Again, whether they buy [the script] or not is not part of your intention, because there are so many factors that have nothing to do with what you’re pitching them, like 95% of it.

Be present in that scene, in that moment, in the larger script because that’s where the authenticity is coming from, that’s the artistry — that presence.

— Meg LeFauve

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