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One Headlight in Alaska!

One Headlight in Alaska!

It’s a beautiful day in Anchorage and the perfect weekend for a book launch!

If you stumbled on this blog post while looking for Portugal the Man tickets and you don’t know who the hell I am, me llamo Matt Caprioli, and I wrote a book titled One Headlight (Cirque Press; Aug 6). It’s the story of a hilarious and bit cray mother-son relationship as seen through an old Mustang my mother drove around Alaska that was super beat-down, had no snow tires, a missing passenger window, and one headlight.

The first celebration will be at Mad Myrna‘s today at 6pm (champagne toast at 6:30 — will be streamed on my Instagram!). Then I’m speaking at The Writer’s Block with the Great Martha Amore, UAA professor & author/editor of several amazing collections, at 6pm.

Below are some on-going reflections from the weekend that was (or is —

August 21, 2021

I started the day with a hankering for Side Street Espresso, my go-to coffee shop downtown, especially on a Saturday when several other cafes (Kaladi, Dark Horse) are closed. Not only is the coffee super strong, but it’s always a joy to the see wife-husband team of Deb and George working their magic behind the bar.

Here’s me bidding the Sheraton à bientot & Abby giving a thumbs up to Taco Bell in 2011 because:

Further proof of my Sheraton occupancy:

I mostly walked down Fifth Avenue, a street I’ve probably traveled through a thousand times.

I was sad to see this old breakfast joint when out of business. I’d often go here the morning after a night at Myrna’s or The Kodiak (or Rumrunners, or The Anchor, or — I’ll stop now!)


This used to be a Day’s Inn and one of my essays is set here (I won’t be saying which one here!)

Now it’s a different budget hotel, or something else…

A symbol?


Oooooo, just look at that iPhone 11 WORK


The 5th Avenue Mall was like a beloved-step parent growing up. You can make out Sullivan’s Steakhouse, which Abby and Victoria loved 🙂

Got into some verbal fight with a stranger here, years ago — must have been important for I’ve forgotten what it was about!

Despite the name, I recall really great egg rolls at Scottie’s Subs

Sir — I love your hat!

I worked at The Hilton for several months, then dramatically quit without notice after I messed up an important guests’s room service order. Ahhh — good times.

Speaking of steak, had the best steak dinner here with Ms. Abby 🙂

A picture is worth a million….

Numerous memories at the Egan Center. Some of my favs were the Beer & Barley Festival and seeing Matt & Kim with foam fingers.

Matt Hicklin at The Anchorage Press asked me how has Anchorage changed since I moved to NYC in 2014. I didn’t have a great reply, but now I do


This bear 🙂

Toward the end of the book, I talk about a beautiful necklace I bought for Abby’s bday. It was from Octopus Ink. It’s now one of my most prized possessions 🙂

Abby 🙂

And so I arrived at Side Street Espresso to encounter fabulous coffee and warm company 🙂

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