Chelsea News on One Headlight

Really enjoyed this take on One Headlight. I haven’t thought much on how this story can interact with a native New Yorker. Thank you Chelsea News and Lorraine Duffy Merkl!

Read the complete review here

“For a smart, savvy, streetwise native, I can be quite oblivious about what it really takes to move to NYC from another state or country in order to make it here.

I grew up in the Bronx, then moved to Manhattan in my early 20s, all the while knowing that if I ever needed anything, my family was a simple cab, express bus, or subway ride away.

Over the years I have met my share of transplants via business colleagues or other moms. Their stories always seemed quite basic. There were the modest successes: “After college I didn’t go back to Iowa, I moved right to New York and tried to get into (fill in name of industry here) and I did.” And then, there were those who pivoted: “I moved here to be an actress, but that didn’t quite work out. I got a job as a (fill in title here), met my husband, and now we have two children. It worked out fine.”

I never met a resident from somewhere else and felt their struggle was any realer than native denizens who were trying to get a career going or find an apartment; then I read Matt Caprioli’s debut memoir “One Headlight.”

– “From Alaska to the Apple:
Matt Caprioli’s debut memoir is a story of resilience and fortitude

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